338 Los Altos Road, Aptos, CA

Custom integral smooth finish, “Seneca” color. David & Deborah Stephens residence.

“I’d like to share my recent experience working with Harold Lewis of Lewis Lath & Plaster. In a word, impressive. Our 35 year old, Tl-11 wood-sided house in Aptos was in need of a serious refresh. While gathering stucco bids I met Harold. He proved to be quite experienced, competent and professional with excellent communication skills and a focus on project details including my specific concerns. Harold’s crews are skilled, hard working guys that arrive on time, work well together and do incredibly nice, clean work. Thanks to Harold, we now have a stunning Level 5 smooth stucco finish in our chosen custom color. It’s beautiful and exceeded our expectations. We highly recommend Harold Lewis Lath & Plaster, as professional and reliable and highly skilled stucco contractor.”

David & Deborah Stephens
Aptos, CA